We are a company dealing with real estate in Poland since 2007. We help foreigners to understand the process of buying property in Poland, search the property they are interested in and carry out the procedure of purchasing property from a to z.

We search for:

  • apartments
  • houses
  • mansions
  • residential plots
  • agricultural plots
  • farms
  • building sites
  • recreational areas
  • all types of property in the city of Poznan and in the Wielkopolska region

Our services include:

  • Searching for property
  • Viewing plots of land
  • Estimating price of property and land
  • Defining availability of apartments/flats
  • Providing details of apartments/flats
  • Providing detailed information on developers
  • Mapping investment sites
  • Arranging excursions for clients to view potential investments
  • Maintaining apartments/flats
  • Arranging accommodation and excursions*

* (includes airport collection, guide and interpreter, visits to potential investment sites, informative business brochures)

We are fully aware of the importance of high standards of services in the field of property maintanance and trade. We strive to prove that entrusting us with management tasks allows gaining not only professional administration over property but also advocates for owner rights and requirements.

We use modern and reliable methods which facilitate fixed properties management – professional software, data archives, and communication also via e-mail – which make co-operation with us safe and easy.

Only selected and reliable companies operating in fixed properties market become our partners (law offices, insurance brokers, cleaning, plumbing, electrical and other specialist companies) which guarantees high quality of services.

Our aim is to provide our customers with the feeling of security and to achieve optimum costs connected with fixed properties management.

Our company has civil liability insurance which covers potential losses connected with the rendered fixed properties management services.

We are certain that our company will be a reliable and proven partner, who will take good care for your fixed property.

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